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Careers at our lab
If you love what you do, and love the web, then meltdesign is probably the perfect place for you.

MeltDesign Laboratory has plenty of career opportunities, a wide variety of projects, and a broad client base - which means that no day is the same, and every day we learn something new.

At the moment we are looking for people to take on the following roles:


Search Engine Optimization

All right, so your amazing new web site is ready to make its debut. Now you can just sit back and watch as the hits and cash come rolling in. Right? Not so fast. Sure the wizards at Melt Design have transformed your site into one of the slickest on the Internet, but what’s the point of looking good if there’s no one around to see you? Fortunately for you, we here at Melt Design know exactly what it takes to make your presence felt on the Web, and we’re here to help you every step of the way, from detailed statistical site analysis to intense market research and beyond. When we’re done with you, your website will be a force to be reckoned with. 
Be prepared for a long work though. Search Engine Optimization is a long process and it may take months for the results  
The process is broken down into the following steps:
  • Site Analysis
Our experts take a close look at your page, recording and rating our findings with regards to the readability and elucidatory nature of the copy, as well as the interactivity and ease of use of the site’s design. 
  • Market Research
We then take a look at your competitors’ sites, keeping a close eye out for those elements that make them successful, while creating a list of keywords to incorporate into the text of your site, in order to improve your search engine ranking.
  • Content and Code optimization
Your web site’s code is then streamlined. We begin by incorporating our list of keywords into your site’s code, via Meta Tags. The Meta Description Tags and Meta Keyword Tags assist search engines in the proper classification of your page, allowing for a concentration of traffic to you page of those who are specifically interested in the product that you are selling. Keywords are also incorporated into the page’s title and the site’s text itself, ensuring maximum recognition on the part of the search engine.
  • Search Engine Submission
We then manually register your site with all forms of search engine, from all-web heavy hitters like Google, Yahoo! and MSN to more localized and industry-specific engines, ensuring that the descriptions listed are concise while maintaining accuracy and those ever-important keywords. This way, we can ensure both a higher ranking on any given engine, while making sure your site doesn’t slip through the cracks.
  • Regular Updates
It isn’t possible to overstate the importance of regular site updates. Periodic changes to your sites code and text make sure that the content remains fresh, will maintaining a prime position in search engine rankings, helping you to stay above water in an oft-overcrowded market place. We’ll also help you build bridges and form alliances through link-exchange, a cross-pollinization of the market, which benefits all parties involved, not the least of which is the consumer.
  • Monitoring
To help keep you abreast of fluctuations in the marketplace, an so that you can make sure that we’re providing you with the excellent service that you deserve, we’ll keep you up to date on your site’s search engine ranking, issuing classified monthly reports on how your page is doing. Based on the results of your current standing, we will offer you expert advice on the best and simplest ways to maintain the highest search position possible.