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Careers at our lab
If you love what you do, and love the web, then meltdesign is probably the perfect place for you.

MeltDesign Laboratory has plenty of career opportunities, a wide variety of projects, and a broad client base - which means that no day is the same, and every day we learn something new.

At the moment we are looking for people to take on the following roles:



*MeltDesign has an experienced e-commerce team who can assist you with each step in the process of implementing an e-commerce facility. From planning your initiative and identifying your market, through to building and testing your system, we can make providing e-commerce straightforward and effective.

We are experienced in designing, developing and deploying multiple levels of e-commerce and secure financial systems. Our experience covers both Business-to-Customer as well as Business-to-Business models, including both transactional and live reporting systems. We have deployed secure login solutions for multi-channel access (via web and wireless technologies) as well as developing transactional portals for the finance, retail and entertainment sectors.

A full e-commerce facility is not only about the purchase functionality but must cater to the entire commerce journey, from transaction through to fulfilments. The systems that *MeltDesign have developed can communicate with multiple partners and service providers to manage each customer from entering their credit details through to receiving their goods at the door.

Security is paramount for any e-commerce system, and our developments follow a multi-tiered access model that provides both flexibility and peace of mind.

We provide both large and small-scale solutions, from simple shopping carts to customer portals to complex Business-to-Business systems.

  • Shopping carts & product management systems
  • Personalisation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Online transaction processing
  • Integration with fulfilment partners & affiliates
  • Customer support systems
  • Loyalty programmes