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Careers at our lab
If you love what you do, and love the web, then meltdesign is probably the perfect place for you.

MeltDesign Laboratory has plenty of career opportunities, a wide variety of projects, and a broad client base - which means that no day is the same, and every day we learn something new.

At the moment we are looking for people to take on the following roles:



The cornerstone of the success of any communication strategy is content. Making sure that the desired message is delivered to the correct audience, at the right time, is the most important factor in all communication. However, updating website content on an ongoing basis is a major challenge for many organisations. Not only does content need to be produced, it also needs to be approved, have changes tracked and audited, before being uploaded to the web.

In order to ease the problems associated with providing web content, * M E L T D E S I G N have developed a sophisticated suite of content management tools that allow direct communication between your business and your clients without the need for any specialised knowledge of web development technologies.

Our approach to content management that has been refined over several years, and this evolutionary development has ensured that only the strongest elements have remained through each iteration.

Our systems are designed specifically for each of our clients, making use of our proprietary Content Management Framework. This Framework consists of a number of modules that we use to rapidly build systems that exactly match our clients’ requirements. This combines the flexibility of a bespoke development with the reliability and stability of an off-the-shelf product. The resulting systems are designed for the user, but can be rapidly deployed and scaled.

Our systems are capable of handling multiple media types, including database administration, images, documents, audio, video, Flash and text updates. Multiple levels of secure access allows business workflow rules to be applied to the content publishing process, as well as scheduled pre-publishing and review. Through these tools our clients have developed not only simple one-way communication with their audience, but a full dialogue.

Although using our systems requires minimal technical expertise, we support all of our developments with full documentation, and encourage our clients to take advantage of our training expertise.

We also have extensive experience in working with a number of third-party content management products, and are able to advice on the best solution to meet your organisation’s particular needs.

  • Content editing
  • Page management
  • Page templates
  • Navigation editing
  • Document management
  • Multimedia file handling
  • Animations
  • Auditing
  • Content scheduling
  • User administration
  • Database administration
  • Asset management
  • Workflow rules
  • Link checking